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Sum-of-Three-Cubes Problem Solved for ‘Stubborn’ Number 33
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

A number theorist with programming prowess has found a solution to 33 = x³ + y³ + z³, a much-studied equation that went unsolved for 64 years.

How the Brain Links Gestures, Perception and Meaning
Posted on Monday March 25, 2019

Neuroscience has found that gestures are not merely important as tools of expression but as guides of cognition and perception.

Solution: ‘How to Find Simple Treasures in Complex Numbers’
Posted on Friday March 22, 2019

Puzzle solvers used “imaginary” numbers to solve a real world problem: finding long-lost treasure.

She Finds Clues to Future Sustainability in Old Food Webs
Posted on Thursday March 21, 2019

By reconstructing prehistoric food webs and analyzing the diverse interactions of humans with other species, the ecologist Jennifer Dunne is developing a new understanding of sustainability through network science.

Quantum Machine Appears to Defy Universe’s Push for Disorder
Posted on Wednesday March 20, 2019

One of the first quantum simulators has produced a puzzling phenomenon: a row of atoms that repeatedly pops back into place.

Listening to the quantum vacuum
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

Since the historic finding of gravitational waves from two black holes colliding over a billion light years away was made in 2015, physicists are advancing knowledge about the limits on the precision of the measurements that will help improve the next generation of tools and technology used by gravitational wave scientists. Physicists have now measured quantum ''back action'' in the audio band at room temperature.

Matter waves and quantum splinters
Posted on Monday March 25, 2019

Physicists have shown that shaking ultracold Bose-Einstein condensates can cause them to either divide into uniform segments or shatter into unpredictable splinters, depending on the frequency of the shaking.

Race at the edge of the Sun: Ions are faster than atoms
Posted on Monday March 25, 2019

Ions move faster than atoms in the gas streams of a solar prominence. Scientists have now observed this.

Extremely accurate measurements of atom states for quantum computing
Posted on Monday March 25, 2019

A new method allows the quantum state of atomic 'qubits'--the basic unit of information in quantum computers -- to be measured with twenty times less error than was previously possible, without losing any atoms.

Searching for missing anti-matter: A successful start to measurements with Belle II
Posted on Monday March 25, 2019

The Belle II detector got off to a successful start in Japan. Since March 25, 2019, the instrument has been measuring the first particle collisions, which are generated in the modernized SuperKEKB accelerator. The new duo produces more than 50 times the number of collisions compared to its predecessor. The huge increase in evaluable data means that there is not a greater chance of finding out why there is an imbalance between matter and anti-matter in the Universe.