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How Many Genes Do Cells Need? Maybe Almost All of Them
Posted on Thursday April 19, 2018

An ambitious study in yeast shows that the health of cells depends on the highly intertwined effects of many genes, few of which can be deleted together without consequence.

Machine Learning’s ‘Amazing’ Ability to Predict Chaos
Posted on Wednesday April 18, 2018

In new computer experiments, artificial-intelligence algorithms can tell the future of chaotic systems.

Decades-Old Graph Problem Yields to Amateur Mathematician
Posted on Tuesday April 17, 2018

By making the first progress on the “chromatic number of the plane” problem in over 60 years, an anti-aging pundit has achieved mathematical immortality.

Ultra-Accurate Clocks Lead Search for New Laws of Physics
Posted on Monday April 16, 2018

Atomic clocks are letting physicists tighten the lasso around elusive phenomena such as dark matter.

Trouble Detected in Infamous Dark Matter Signal
Posted on Thursday April 12, 2018

Independent scientists have cast serious doubt on a claimed detection of dark matter.

Graphene sets a new record on squeezing light to one atom
Posted on Friday April 20, 2018

Researchers reach the ultimate level of light confinement -- the space of one atom. This will pave the way to ultra-small optical switches, detectors and sensors.

Atoms may hum a tune from grand cosmic symphony
Posted on Thursday April 19, 2018

Researchers playing with a cloud of ultracold atoms uncovered behavior that bears a striking resemblance to the universe in microcosm. Their work forges new connections between atomic physics and the sudden expansion of the early universe.

Simulation of the AsqJ enzyme opens up new options for pharmaceutical chemistry
Posted on Tuesday April 17, 2018

Practically all biochemical processes involve enzymes that accelerate chemical reactions. A research team has now for the first time deciphered the molecular mechanism of the enzyme AsqJ. Their findings might open up new options in the production of pharmaceutically active molecules.

Understanding Mercury's magnetic tail
Posted on Tuesday April 17, 2018

Theoretical physicists used simulations to explain the unusual readings collected in 2009 by the Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry, and Ranging mission. The origin of energetic electrons detected in Mercury's magnetic tail has puzzled scientists. This new study provides a possible solution to how these energetic electrons form.

Scientists make counter-intuitive observations in hybrid quantum systems
Posted on Tuesday April 17, 2018

Scientist have found that the cooling of quantum systems coupled to a common reservoir can lead to counter-intuitive behavior, where one of the quantum systems actually heats up.